How 60 Days Free Accounting Software In Malaysia helps to increase your company revenue during this challenging period?
Up-To-Date & Real-Time Accounting Reports
is the must-have information to keep your company growing! 
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Up-To-Date & Real-Time Accounting Reports
is the must-have information to 
keep your company growing! 
that allows you to access via
anytime, anywhere !
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Benefits of Accounting System for Business Owners
1) Saving Costs
Business Owners don’t have to outsource their financial management to an external party. The software can reduce the costs associated with printing and distributing documentation, since all data is digitally stored in a safe and monitored location.

2) Improving Decision Making
Without an automated accounting solution, business owner will have difficulty understanding the business financial condition. It provides them with numbers that can help them figure out where to cut expenses or where to invest more. With a clear overview of the current financial state, business owners will be able to develop smarter strategies and allocate resources more easily.

3) Ensuring Financial Control
Accounting software allows business owners to control their finances automatically, even though they may not be experts in accounting. With a little training, they can manage all accounting operations using their computers or mobile devices without having to pay external parties to keep their budgets under control.

4) Increasing Data Accuracy
Reduces human error that usually occurs during calculation and data entry. Inaccuracies in financial statements could lead to crises that have an impact on your business life span, and the accounting software can keep these issues from happening.

5) Improving Financial Data Security
Financial data is company’s most confidential information and must be highly protected so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. Thus, only those who are granted access rights can see the data.
Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Accounting Software for Accountants:
✅ Can handle more accounts & more clients at the same time.
✅ Can work conveniently as there is no need to travel to client's site just to get their work done. 
✅ Can review their client's accounting entries anytime, anywhere.
✅ Can save more time compared to manual accounting.
✅ Can improve productivity as there will be reduction of approval process.
✅ Can rely on the accuracy of transactions as there will be reduction of human error.
✅ Can generate Financial Reports / Financial Analysis / Cash Flow Forecasts and other relevant reports timely.
✅ Can integrate with any front-end system easily.
QNE modules are fully integrated. When you update the information in the system, all other related area will be instantly updated.
QNE is based on client-server that only send MS.SQL queries to the server, thus, heavy data processing over the network will be much faster.
With SQL client/server database, QNE handles much higher data limit compare to file based systems.
The first multi-platform business software allowing users to access Online and Offline. Users can now access to their database anytime, anywhere!
QNE Optimum is SST Ready! It includes SST module that can generate SST-required reports, data files and forms instantly.
Attach source documents in QNE transactions - Invoices, Bills and more
By hosting your database to Microsoft Azure, the database is 100% fully secured as it protects all databases with automated backup system by creating copies of your database in 2 separate Azure server.
QNE allows users to perform scheduled backup at a specified time without having the on-line user to exit from the system.

Reasons why Customers switched from SQL Accounting Software to "QNE Hybrid Cloud Accounting Software"! 

Learn How Our Customer Benefits, More Competitive and More Efficient After Migrate To QNE Hybrid Cloud Accounting Software Malaysia.
Before Migrate To QNE Hybrid Cloud Accounting:
1. Always stay late in office
2. During lockdown period, server down in the office, not able to access the information.
3. Internet line in the office sometimes slow and difficult to access the information

After Migrate To QNE Hybrid Cloud Accounting:
1. Access accounting information anytime, anywhere including travelling to oversea
2. Boss: "My girl has no excuse not to complete the work or complain for internet line down in the office"
3. Company can practice "Work From Home Policy", More flexible, competitive and more efficient
4. We can work at home, hotel, beaches to get the job done!

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Accounting Software Malaysia 
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